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School Notice for 22nd March
by Jin Hyang Oh - Monday, 21 March 2016, 04:41 PM
1. From Ms. Katie De Carteret


Please ensure you bring your planners with you to tutorial on Tuesday. Your teachers will be sharing with you details of your lessons for next term and these need to be written in your planners. This information will also be on the music department noticeboard. It is your responsibility to be aware of when your lessons are and be responsible for arriving on time. Please be reminded of the following guidelines

1.You need to take responsibility for being aware of your lesson times.

2.These lesson times cannot be changed. If you have an emergency situation please discuss with Ms de Carteret. Lesson times CANNOT be negotiated with peripatetic teachers. All timetables are now set by Ms de Carteret.

3.You need to have your lessons noted in the back of your planner.

4.Please ensure your planner to your class teachers when you need to leave class to go to a lesson, or when arriving late to a class because of being at a lesson.

5.If you miss a lesson or forget a lesson without warning the teacher/Ms de Carteret ahead of time, you will still be charged for the lesson.

6.If you know you will miss a lesson because of an upcoming excursion please inform Ms de Carteret.

7.If you know you have a lesson that will clash with an upcoming exam, please negotiate a change with Ms de Carteret only.

8.Makeup lessons will only occur between 23-28 May.

9.Any questions, see Ms de Carteret!


2. From Mrs. Sarah Eales

KS4 need to bring PE kit to PE next week regardless of photos and Year 9 Boys SB class to bring PE not swim kit.


3. From Mr. Raymond Maher

Essay Competition

Open to all students in Years 10 to 12.

Standard Chartered Bank have very kindly offered two free places on their

Global Leadership Program (Challenger Course), one for the period July 25 to 29 2016 and one in December on dates to be confirmed. The prize, worth approx., 2m won per student, is a 5 day program (3 or 4 nights), in Hong Kong or Singapore, including visits to SCB Headquarters, renowned universities and Global Corporations as well as a tour program. No alternative prizes are offered.

To select the students we are running an essay competition. You should write an essay, of no more than 800 words, on one of the following topics:

-.Banking and ethics
-.Do High School students need financial education?
-.Should Jeju abandon the won and switch to its own local currency?
-.Micro finance is no solution to the problems of developing countries.

The essay, which can be handwritten or typed, must be submitted to Mr. Maher in SF23 on paper (not emailed) by Friday 29th April 2016, 5pm. One winner will be announced for each date. The winning articles will be published in a school publication.

The essays will be marked for quality of argument developed with relevant examples, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of arguments, a conclusion that follows from the arguments presented and clarity of expression. Marks will not be awarded for description.

When submitting your work you must also submit the following brief form:

Name: ___________________________________________________ (please use block capitals)

Year Group: ________________ House: _________________

Title of essay:


Essay length in words: __________________

Date and time submitted: ____________________________

Please read and sign the following statement:

The work I have submitted for this competition is entirely my own except for where I have referenced the ideas of others. The essay I am submitting has not been previously published or used in any other competition.

I agree to my article, if a winner, being published.


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