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School Notice for 23th Nov.
by Jin Hyang Oh - Friday, 20 November 2015, 05:04 PM
1. From Mrs. Sarah Eales

All netball players who went to Jeju regionals, Shanghai or to netball Nationals,

………if you would like these accolades printed on your hoodies sleeves, please bring your hoodie to the PE dept by Wednesday.


2. From Mr. Felim Clancy

The British Mathematical Olympiad (BMO1) takes place on Friday 27th November. This is a 3.5 hour maths paper aimed at Years 11-13. The cost of entry is approx 30,000 won. Past papers are available at


If you wish to enter, please email fclancy@nlcsjeju.kr or speak to Mr Clancy directly. The deadline for entries is Monday 23rd November at 1:00pm.

+82 2 6456 8410
Junior School Enquiries:  
+82 64 793 8601
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+82 64 793 8001
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