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School Notice for 21st Oct.
by Jin Hyang Oh - Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 04:37 PM
1.From Mr. Raymond Maher

IFS Student Investor Challenge

This challenge is to invest a virtual 100,000 pounds in a selected range of shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange and buy and sell shares in order to make that largest capital sum by 29th January 2016. Students can use whatever investment strategies they want in order to try to gain the largest capital sum.

Students can register in Groups of FOUR only. There must be FOUR team members. Students must be aged between 14 and 19 on 31st July 2016. Students need to supply a team name, the names and email addresses of the four team members and the age of each team member in years and months on 31 July 2016, counted in UK fashion not in the Korean tradition.

Teams can be made up of students from different year groups. Groups that register will be given the competition website by Mr. Maher.

Only teachers can register students so you will need a list of team members to Mr. Maher in SF23 by lunchtime Friday 23rd October. Mr. Maher will then register you and send you an email with relevant information. The competition registration closes at this time.


2. From Mrs. Judy Nesbit

MUN conference at KIS

Would all those who are going to the MUN conference after half term please attend a meeting in SF117 at 11.25am today (Wednesday).


3. From Mr. Felim Clancy

On Monday 9th November (the first day back after the half term break) all Year 12HL students and selected Year 11 students are sitting the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. This will take place over periods 1-3.

Please see the list outside B25.

If you are not on this list but wish to take part, speak to Mr Clancy.

There are a limited number of spaces.


+82 2 6456 8410
Junior School Enquiries:  
+82 64 793 8601
Senior School Enquiries: 
+82 64 793 8001
Teacher Recruitment:
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