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School Notice for 20th Oct.
by Jin Hyang Oh - Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 08:08 AM
1.From Mr. Daniel Long

Notice for Year 10-13


Can all ACAMIS rugby players wear their NLCS Jeju (home) rugby kit for training tomorrow.


2. From Mr. Felim Clancy

On Monday 9th November (the first day back after the half term break) all Year 12HL students and selected Year 11 students are sitting the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. This will take place over periods 1-3.

Please see the list outside B25.

If you are not on this list but wish to take part, speak to Mr Clancy.

There are a limited number of spaces.


3. From Mr. Raymond Maher

Mr. Lozano will be able to run Islander co-curricular today, Tuesday 20th October at 4:15 to 5:15 in Boys Mac Room.

All Islanders, including remote Islanders, those who write for the magazine but do not usually attend the co-curricular club, should attend unless your HM instructs you otherwise.

This will be your opportunity to get your article finished.

As there are likely to be more people than would normally be the case, please bring electronic devices to enable you to finish your article.


4. From Miss Jemma Morrell


Please ensure that ALL instrument cases have a label with your name on so they do not get mixed up. Instruments should NOT be left in practice rooms, as they may get damaged or taken. Instruments should be put safely in the instrument store cupboard.

Instrumental lessons.

Thank you to all the students who get their planner signed by their teachers when they go to music lessons. This is really important. Please ensure your teacher signs when you leave class and also that your instrumental teacher signs when you arrive.


5. From Ms. Robyn McDonell

Please could 8GC girls collect their books from the Art room as soon as possible and read feedback both in book and on Post its.


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