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School Notice for Oct. 9th
by Jin Hyang Oh - Friday, 9 October 2015, 11:47 AM
1. From Ms. Grace Kim

This coming Saturday Y11 students MUST attend the PSAT pre-administration session between 1 pm and 2 pm.

The venue for this session is BLT and the students should bring their pencils and erasers for the administration.

This is a compulsory session that Y11 students must arrive by 12:50 pm outside the BLT.

Day students will need to arrange their pick up after 2 pm.


2.From Mr. Daniel Long

1) Leaders meeting

There will be a leaders meeting at break tomorrow (Friday 9th Oct) in PE. Please come at the start of break.

2) Rubbish!

Following the weekends there are large amount of rubbish dumped on the astro. Can students please put all rubbish (drinks, snack papers etc) in the bins adjacent the astro.


3. From. Mr. John Witton

Students please be aware that Bryant activities on a Saturday morning are curriculum time and cannot be missed without extremely good reason, which should be provided, in advance, to BHMs if possible.

It is also extremely important that students are not late and are ready to begin their activity or leave site at 9am.

It is not acceptable to arrive after 9am as this delays the whole activity.

There will be consequences for late arrival and missing your Bryant without good reason.

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