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School Notice for 24th Sep.
by Jin Hyang Oh - Wednesday, 23 September 2015, 04:48 PM

1.From Ms Jemma Morrell

Brass group at lunchtime today in the Elgar Room - 1.40pm ready to play.

Wind Orchestra is at 4.15pm in the Recital Room.


2. From Mrs. Sarah Eales

PE kit after Cheusok.

Lesson will continue to be taught outside in all weathers, please ensure you return from the break with appropriate winter PE kit, layers will be essential as the cool weather returns. PE Track suits, t shirts and hoodies are essential gear. A black water proof jacket will be a good idea too.

Please also ensure you have astro / football blades for all rugby and football units and shin pad for football (you cannot play games without them)

We will play in all weathers. It’s your responsibility to be prepared for these sports.


3. From Mr. John Witton

Students please be aware that Bryant activities on a Saturday morning are curriculum time and cannot be missed without extremely good reason, which should be provided, in advance, to BHMs if possible.
It is also extremely important that students are not late and are ready to begin their activity or leave site at 9am.
It is not acceptable to arrive after 9am as this delays the whole activity.
There will be consequences for late arrival and missing your Bryant without good reason.


4. From. Mrs. Judith Marks

To all budding House directors, choreographers and techies,

Please come and see me this week in the PAC Control Room at the following times with your 3 songs/backing tracks (on a memorystick) and lighting ideas for the House Performance Competition glee, small ensemble and choir pieces you have chosen.

Wednesday 23rd September Breaktime: Geomun

Wednesday 23rd September 1.30/Lunchtime: Mulchat

Thursday 24th September 1.30/Lunchtime: Sarah

Friday 25th September Breaktime: Jeoji

Designs do not have to be finalised at this stage, but an idea of the movement/action to take place in the glee, number and members in the band/small ensemble and arrangement of choir members will be useful.

Many thanks.


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