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School Notice for June 16th
by YoungIm Shin - Monday, 15 June 2015, 04:43 PM
Notice for Parcel Service for Half Term Break
If any students wish to send a parcel home through the parcel company (Yellow Cap Parcel Company) or the Post Office, they should do the following.
1. Yellow Cap Parcel Company
A. Date of pick up : 20th May
B. Box offer : 1,500 for new box (Not Incl. Delivery Fee)
C. Method of Payment : pay on delivery
D. Delivery Fee : up to weight
2. Post office
When students wish to send parcels by The Post Office, it is required to pre-request by website, www.epost.go.kr or ARS 1588 - 1300. The post office does not pick up the parcel from the boarding house, so students need to take their parcels to senior school reception office between 8 am to 5 pm, during weekday only. Please do not leave the parcels outside of the reception office.

Write on the box or suitcase very clearly, with the name and address of the person receiving it, along with their mobile number. Also include your name, year group and House. If no receiver’s name or address or mobile number, the parcel company will not take the parcels due to the parcel fee.

*** Students, who wish to use the new boxes for packing, please request it to House Matron.
*** House Matron can support to sort out the parcel service.
Lost & Found in Halla Square will open on 16th ~ 19th June.
You can look for your lost property at break time (11:20am ~11:50 am) and lunch time(1:10pm~2:10pm).
Please come and check for any lost items

+82 2 6456 8410
Junior School Enquiries:  
+82 64 793 8601
Senior School Enquiries: 
+82 64 793 8001
Teacher Recruitment:
+82 64 793 8102
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