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School Notice for June 12th
by YoungIm Shin - Thursday, 11 June 2015, 04:53 PM
Senior School Library's opening hours change to 9:00 am - 6:00 pm for next week.
If any staff need to use library before 9:00 am, please contact Juliet.

There are full Canons Follies tech rehearsals in the PAC at 12pm this Sunday 14th June and 9:30am (y13) and 1:30pm (everyone else) on Monday 15th June. Everybody involved in the show in any capacity must attend these as the show is on Monday evening. Email Miss Breckner if there are any problems.

EAL + Arts Dept Art Fest
Our Art Installation - Blind Date with a Book - needs your support. Please donate a book (Korean and English) that you think another student might enjoy reading over the summer
Drop off - box outside EAL office SF 222.

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