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  • Year 7 History covers the period from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and involves the study of Europe, Arabia and China.  Students will make links between different cultures, identifying significant events and individuals.  We begin with an overview of the whole period to help establish the big stories of our course. Students will then focus on Arabia, the beginnings of Islam and the spread of the Islamic Empire. A key question here is the reasons for the rapid spread of the Empire.  Students will also learn some of the key achievements of the golden age of Islam by looking at the wonders of Baghdad.  We then look at Europe in the 900s as a prelude to the Norman conquest of England. Students will examine the ways in which the Normans established power and control and this leads into a wider study of medieval kingship and feudalism with a depth study on King John and an overview of other English medieval monarchs.  The nature of the medieval Church and the religious world view of medieval people leads into a study of the Crusades and back to the Islamic world. The Crusaders were not the only threat to the Islamic world in this period.  The Mongol invasions are considered both in terms of their impact and the reasons for the expansion. Here students can make comparisons between the rapid spread of the Islamic empires and the speed with which the Mongols conquered their empire.  Not all threats were military and students will turn their attention to the Black Death, looking at it as both a world disaster but also through the focus of a single village in medieval England.  Connections can be made across cultures through the lives of two famous travellers: Marco Polo and Ibn Battutah. A study of their travels helps students connect Sino - Asia with the Islamic world and Christian Europe

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