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School Notice for 15th April
by Jin Hyang Oh - Thursday, 14 April 2016, 04:20 PM
1. From Mr. Kindness and Mr. Sannegadu

All debaters: today is competition day! Please make your way to the PAC for an 8.30 start.


2. From Mr. Raymond Maher

Standard Chartered Bank Essay Competition

Please submit your essay by Friday 29th April 5:00pm to Mr. Maher in SF23. You can pick up the form you need to complete from Mr. Maher in SF23.


3. From Ms. Katie De Carteret

Attention all students involved in the Debating Festival.

If you normally have a peripatetic lesson on Wednesday or Thursday, Mr Kindness has given you permission to still attend your lesson this week. Please excuse yourself politely from whatever activity you are involved in and return straight after the lesson. For those that have lessons on Friday - your lesson will have to be made up later in the term. As per the Peripatetic Lesson Guidelines - you need to make contact with Ms de Carteret to let me know in advance. Thanks all.


Peripatetic Lessons

A reminder to all students of the following guidelines for lessons this term.

1.You are responsible for being aware of your lesson times. This was shared with your parents at the end of last term. If you are still unsure, speak to Ms de Carteret or Ms Kim.

2.For those of you who did not write your lessons down during registration time at the end of last term - please BRING YOUR PLANNER TO TUTORIAL ON TUESDAY so you can sit down with your tutor to write these in for the upcoming term.

3.Lesson changes can only take place when approved by Ms de Carteret. Do not try and negotiate lesson changes with your instrumental teachers.

4.If you know you will not be able to attend a lesson due to an exam, oral presentation, excursion, FOBISIA trip, sickness etc - please speak to Ms de Carteret or Ms Kim as early as possible (24hours minimum).



For those students enrolled in the upcoming ABRSM exams, they will be held between Tues 10 - Fri 13 May. Your exact times will be confirmed closer to the time.


4. From Mr. Daniel Long

Coming soon U15 FOBISIA Trials

U15 FOBISIA Games will take place next year in November at Harrow Beijing. Over the course of season 3 there will be trials to determine who will be in the team. Please be prepared as you don't want to miss out. More information on days and times will follow in the coming weeks. The events are: Football/Basketball/Swimming & Athletics. Dancing is not a prerequisite!

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